Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trader Joe's Highland Single Malt -- 189 lbs (-40) [23X]

After being surprised at how good Trader Joe's Blended Whisky is, I've been anxious to try their single malt. I'd have to say I'm a bit disappointed-- it seems a bit watery and is missing that back-of-the-tongue sweetness I've come to associate with scotch, but it still isn't half-bad. I'd also have to point out that I'm not sure I'm in with the whole single malt value proposition thing. For $23.99 (in WA state, before lots of taxes), I can buy one of two bottom-end single malt brands, or I can buy a wide variety of great blends. More to the point, I prefer the taste of Trader Joe's Blended Whisky, at $9.99 for 33% more volume, to Trader Joe's Highland Single Malt. Yeah, I'll still drink the latter, and enjoy it, but in the back of my mind I'll be thinking "I could be drinking something better and cheaper right now" rather than "I could be drinking something better and much more expensive right now".

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