Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bankers Club -- 189 lbs (-40) [16X]

This was my bottom-shelf exploration for the month. It tastes pretty much like Clan MacGregor, maybe slightly less sweet and "refined", but same price, same bottle, same shelf. Like most whiskies in this category, there is very little information on the Internet, which makes me even more curious:

What is the demographic? Bankers?

There aren't that many scotch drinkers to begin with, and few of those will admit they drink Bankers Club; I doubt bars would sell it, and yet it still must sell reasonably well. The only clue I could find was a quote on Urban Dictionary, of all places:

Hey, are you going to the party at Alpha Beta tonight?
Nah man, went to one last week and the whole thing was a sausagefest and all they had was natty light and bankers club.
Low class college parties?

The Bankers Club dictionary entry has 2 opposing definitions that are about what I'd expect:

1. The makers of the best and cheapest [whisky] ever known to man
2. A cheap, poor quality brand of [whisky], not something that is meant to be ingested

My own experience boils down to this: I've found that throwing any whisky towards the back of the tongue tastes sweet no matter what the whisky. In that part of my mouth, the lowest quality whisky and the highest quality whisky really don't taste much different, so I might as well save the money when I need to ... as long as I don't let it touch any other part of my mouth.

Introverted, non-discerning scotch addicts on a tight budget?

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