Friday, March 1, 2013

How Can I Eat So Much Crap? -- 186 lbs (-43) [24X]

While watching me eat a half-bag of Lay's potato chips, my wife asked in frustration "How can you eat so much crap and not gain weight?" Then she went on to say how it almost made her want to drink alcohol, and maybe people are better off not knowing about alcohol and weight-management because some couldn't handle it safely. Well, as usual, my saintly wife is probably right. If it helps any, it is me, not alcohol, that manages my weight. And it is time between eating, not alcohol, that I loosely control to do it. Alcohol is just one tool I use to put off eating longer than I otherwise would, and it works more often than not, because its calories essentially don't count. This diet is enough proof of that, at least in my case, and maybe that is inspiring enough that some people will follow suit, and odds are a few of those will hurt themselves or others by over-doing it— that is, in the unlikely event that enough people read this and take it to heart. But risk is rarely a good reason to withhold such information. A much higher percentage of people have hurt themselves or others in the name of the Bible or other religious publication. Talking about my diet won't do more damage than that, and I think it has the potential to help people who have tried every other known solution to control their weight without success.

So anyhow, the reason I can eat a bag of potato chips without exercising is because I'm going to spend the next 16+ hours fasting, with low-dose alcohol (and other tools) to help get me through that. It probably isn’t for everyone, but it's at least for me. Please handle this information with care.

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