Friday, April 26, 2013

Sazerac's Sir Malcolm -- 183 lbs (-46) [6X]

The most interesting thing about Sir Malcolm (whoever that is) scotch may be the family it is a part of. Starting as a bar around 1870 in New Orleans, the Sazerac Company has acquired a huge number of liquor brands and distilleries, making it one of the top liquor suppliers in the US. It's scotch offerings include top-shelf imports such as Glenfarclas and bottom-shelf rebrands such as Lauder's. Sir Malcolm is, if you know me, one of the latter. Coming in at a price-point just above Lauder's, Sir Malcolm is kind of a baby bear of bottom-shelf blend brands--not too sweet, weak, or funky--this one is just right, if not uninteresting. It does have a slight pepper after-taste that gives it a bit of character.

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