Friday, June 14, 2013

More Apples & Pears -- 189 lbs (-40) [37X]

Last month, inspired by Amy Stewart's "The Drunken Botanist", I tried apple and pear brandy for the first time, settling on the American Captain Apple Jack* and Clear Creek Pear Brandy. This month, I went international with the French Berneroy VSOP Calvados and German Fidelitas Obstler (also an eau-de-vie). The calvados was sweeter and tastier than the apple jack, and the eau-de-vie was the most bitter of the four, but good for a dry mood. I'd probably be done with apple and pear brandy, except Clear Creek is practically next door compared to France and Germany, so I ought to visit there someday.

* You could say I have a thing for names that start with Captain, but don't read into that

[+] What I Consumed Since Last Post ...

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