Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drink weller with LYTEshow

Those righteous dudes over at Drinkwel have done it again and devised a new product for the serious drinker. And this time there's no pill to swallow--just a tiny capful of critical, calorie-free electrolytes to replace those lost to beerination. Alcohol is awesome at fighting heart disease, and a great tool for losing weight, but there's no doubt that it sucks you drier than a fossil of a raisin in a kiln. That's why I usually drink plenty of water with my whisky. I've often thought of supplementing that with a sports drink designed to replace fluids, but such concoctions tend to have sugar or artificial sweetener, both of which I try to avoid.

LyteShow is just what the doctor ordered (or might order if I really saw one or cared what they said). I actually find that it gives water a slightly pleasant taste and makes it seem like I'm drinking something of substance--and I am: magnesium, zinc, chloride, and more. An order of LyteShow includes a small and handy travel flask-- the cap of which doubles as a convenient measuring device.

So whether you're abusing diuretics for sport doping, fighting forest fires, getting drunk off your ass, or drinking alcohol and caffeine for good health like myself, LyteShow is the perfect addition to smooth out some of the pitfalls and rough edges.

Weight: 191 lbs

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