Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finnegan, Kilbeggan, Donovanabevegan -- 185 lbs (-44) [33X]

I may like the taste of Irish whiskey best, but thus far I'm not detecting the same level of variety I've experienced with scotch (even the cheap stuff). And as W. Ross Ashby said, "variety absorbs variety, defines the minimum number of states necessary for a controller to control a system of a given number of states." Lack of self-control explained!

Seriously, Finnegan and Kilbeggan taste exactly the same to me, and rate 3-3-3.5 on my sweetness, strength, and complexity scale of 1-5. There is a clean taste present in these Irish whiskies that makes me feel like I'm in an Irish Spring or Stayfree commercial, and that I also find in the few single malts I have tried. Rather than complicate the scale I'll just say this fresh feeling enhances the complexity. Finnegan and Kilbeggan are both owned by Cooley Distillery, which is owned by Beam, Inc.

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