Sunday, July 22, 2012

221 lbs (-8)

Lots of manual labor yesterday (and more today), disassembling and hauling furniture and stuff. While I don't like exercising for exercise sake, it's great to burn a bunch of calories doing something useful. That said, I do have a stretching and exercise routine that I've done every morning since I can remember. And I will take a walk during work days, if I can squeeze one in, because it invigorates me (as do power-naps, but neither work nor home are good environments for those right now).

I watched The Immortals last night. It would be fun to look like Mickey Rourke, but that would take a more serious lifestyle change. He turns 60 in September, FYI.

What I consumed yesterday:
2.5 oz Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Chile Chicken (no noodles)
• Tillamook reduced fat cheddar cheese slice
• Baby carrot dipped in Jif chocolate silk peanut butter
• .75 Fosters Farm corn dog
• 2 12 oz Budweiser Selects w/ 2 tbsp whiskey
• 2 Jade Dragon tofu salad rolls w/ peanut dipping sauce
• .3 cup Mezzeta pepper rings
• 12 oz Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for doing all of the manual labor! congrats on losing 8 pounds in less than a week!