Friday, July 27, 2012

I Had A Dream -- 219 lbs (-10) [2X]

[I thought I'd be a bit different and not title my posts, but my posts are coming through blank for some folks, so I'm adding a title this time. If that fixes the problem, and you're seeing one of these posts for the first time, please see my first post for context.]

I had my first diet dream. I went into a McDonalds, but the inside was a busy indoor bazaar filled with long tables stacked with Doritos, which I willfully avoided. Then I came to a restaurant-style booth with 4 people, one of whom said "Hey Jeff, remember [so-and-so]?" while pointing to the person next to him. I recognized both persons as old elementary schoolmates from ages past, but grown up. There was also a young boy at the table who said "remember me?", and I said I did not, and that my memory was very poor at my age. He was very disappointed and started to sulk away, so I stopped him and pleaded to know who he was. He said his name was Skippy, and that he used to follow me and the 4th person at the table to school. I remembered, and the boy was content and wandered off. I asked the 4th person how this boy could be Skippy, since he should be an older man by now, and she said that Skippy was reincarnated. I suddenly noticed 4 Doritos in each of my front pockets and was now on a muddy road in a rural area, talking to another old friend who had just moved there, and I was saying how glad I was now that he lived closer to me. He went back into his house and I started eating the Doritos. I was on the 3rd or 4th Dorito when I walked across the road in my socks, was overcome with a surge of willpower, and spit out the Dorito I was chewing. Then I woke up.

Everyone in my dream was a real person from my life, except Skippy. Why he was reincarnated and put chips in my pockets is a real mystery.

What I consumed yesterday:
• 1 cube each of cantaloupe, honeydew, & pineapple
• 2 5.5 oz V8 juice
• .75 oz The Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese wedge
• 1.5 small bowls of assorted Thai food
• 7 tbsp Evan Williams whiskey
• 3 small slices potato w/ cheese & bacon

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