Friday, January 11, 2013

Drink better with drinkwel -- 184 lbs (-45) [7X]

I started taking multivitamins pretty early on in this diet. It seems like common sense that one should compensate for key nutrients lost when changing eating patterns. I have actually been educating myself about nutrition ever since my first diet in the late 80's, and trying Atkins in the early 2000's forced me to take it even more seriously, because of the radical vitamin deficiencies in a super low-carb diet. Any such deficiencies can lead to some nasty diseases:

In starting the amazingly successful Whisky Diet, I ignorantly defaulted to my Atkins multivitamin routine, as I considered the Whisky Diet to just be a low-carb diet plus alcohol. But in reading about the health risks of steady drinking, I learned that some different nutrients were called for, and concluded that the drinking world needed its very own multivitamin. Luckily for me, somebody else came to this realization and went to through the effort of formulating a product and creating a brand solely for this market.

And so it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the drinking world's best multivitamin: drinkwel! drinkwel takes a two-pronged approach to mitigating health risks associated with alcohol use: a mix of vitamins known to be depleted by alcohol metabolism, and a concoction of herbal supplements scientifically corroborated to promote healthy liver function. How could any whisky diet (or other drinking lifestyle) be complete without this?

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