Monday, January 28, 2013

Mixing It Up -- 188 lbs (-41) [14X]

I tried fasting longer on work days last week, but I may have eaten more at night, so I'm not sure if there was a net benefit. Regardless, I macked out Friday through Sunday, once again ending up high for the week. Telling myself to pig-out less isn't going to make it happen--I need an actionable strategy to break my current okay-but-not-great seesaw pattern.

In the beginning of November, I cut wine out of my diet, and a couple of weeks later, I cut out beer. I thought that sticking only to whisky might be even more effective at weight control, because distilled liquor does not contribute any glucose to one's body. I also stopped mixing whisky, and since one can only consume about 1.5 oz per hour without getting intoxicated, drinking it straight-up leaves plenty of spare time for eating. Plus, it is not a good appetite suppressant by itself. When I started this diet, I had no issues mixing a cheap whiskey like Evan Williams with coffee, diet soda, light beer, or even noodle broth. By getting all esoteric about whisky, I may have lost an important regulatory function that mixing liquor, or drinking lower alcohol content beverages like beer and wine, serves.

So there is my new/old strategy to try in February: stretch my alcohol across time by mixing whisky/whiskey more and welcoming light beer and wine back into my diet. That may be the actionable key to less feeding frenzies at night and grazing on weekends.

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