Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crown Royale Maple -- 186 lbs (-43) [23X]

If you've ever gotten violently ill and then never been able to eat or drink what went out through the in door, then you may appreciate my re-opening my heart and stomach to Canadian whisky and Irish whiskey after only a few months. To mark the occasion, I decided to try something extra special and go with Crown Royale Maple, thinking the maple would be subtle in the long-standing tradition of whisky undertones. Well, it's more like Aunt Jemima sitting on your face--smothered in syrup with a hint of whisky.
If you are a sissy but want to look cool drinking your whisky neat, then this is for you. Otherwise, stick to unadulterated stuff. In all fairness, this whisky mixes well with club soda, which is part of my current strategy to distract myself from pigging out. But thank god I didn't get sick drinking this straight up, or I'd never have eaten a pancake, waffle, or maple bar again. Or would that be a good thing? Hmmm ...

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