Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hail Mary Play -- 188 lbs (-41) [18X]

My most recent strategy of returning to a wider variety of alcohol and mixes hasn't significantly changed my 3-month holding pattern*, and I am pretty much out of whisky-diet-consistent ideas to break away from it. I thought that cutting out the protein supplement might do the trick, but as I look over the past month's data, the days I started with a protein drink had no correlation with weight change (it pays to keep good records!). So, in the grand spirit of procrastination that defines my personal style, my new plan is to do nothing substantially different until the last “minute”. I figure as long as I stay within spitting distance of my goal, I can get radical during the last few weeks. It is a risky, hail Mary play, but then there are few forcing functions stronger than an actual deadline.

*For those just tuning in, my goal is to weigh 180 lbs on my 50th birthday (July 17, 2013), but I've been fluctuating between 183 and 189 for the last few months.

[+] What I Consumed Since Last Post ...

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