Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fall Risk -- 188 lbs (-41) [15X]

I could have died from drinking too much a few months ago. I could also die every time I ride in a car or cross a busy street, which I do every day, but being intoxicated significantly increases those and other risks, such as falling down and hypothermia. Of these, the risk of injury due to falling was probably highest that night, and I did, in fact, take a nasty fall. Not that I remember doing so, mind you, but I had a terrible, painful bruise just north of my buttocks that lasted for about a week (another clue was that the hospital strapped a "fall risk" advertisement around my wrist). It turns out that the average risk of dying from a fall is pretty high, about 1 in 200, which I find a bit surprising. But then, I've had several alcohol-related falling accidents in my past that could have done me in. One, in particular, stands out.

One evening in my senior year of high school, I met my best friend (Jamie), his step-brother (Jeff), and Jeff's jockish friend (let's call him Brent, for lack of a better memory) at one of those cheap traveling fairs, where we somehow hooked up with 2 girls. Jamie claimed one of the girls, and Brent the other. I was never a "player" in these get-the-girl games, but something about Brent rubbed me the wrong way such that I kept saying things to piss him off in front of "his" girl, so we were already on bad terms when our private party moved to a dark, empty golf course high atop a hill, with a flashlight and all the liquor we could carry. We were walking near a fence, beyond which was pitch black, when Brent said something to the girl, and I stupidly said "he's just saying that to get into your pants". Brent raged "I'm going to kill you!" and bolted towards me, and I, without thinking, leapt over the fence. Well, it turns out the fence protected us from a very steep ravine, which I soon found myself hurtling down. Luckily, I managed to avoid Sonny Bono's fate of hitting a tree. Instead, I stopped just short of landing in a creek and jumped up laughing and unscathed. After that, Brent avoided me because I was too weird/crazy.

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