Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm Done (for now) -- 182 lbs (-47)

Well, I over-did it at a party last night and woke up in a hospital at 2AM*. Given that I put my family through a terrible ordeal, I'll be abstaining from alcohol for at least a month. I may suspend the diet until then as well. I'm also going to transition to weekly, instead of daily, posts.

With all my talk about control, I'm pretty disappointed in myself.

* Blood tested .244 BAC

What I consumed yesterday:
● 2 coffees w/ 2 tbsp Seagram's VO whisky & 1 tsp fiber
● Half Starbucks cinnamon bun
● 8+ oz Seagrams 7
● 4+ oz Seagrams VO
● 4+ oz Jameson
● 8+ oz Bushmills
● 2 mini crab cakes
● 3-4 bacon wrapped blue cheese
● 2-3 thin egg rolls

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