Saturday, November 10, 2012

185 lbs (-44)

[more system unloading, and partial reloading, yesterday]

This is around the least I've weighed since getting married in 1991. In this past week, I've lost almost as much weight as the week when I first started this diet, which is pleasantly unexpected. All the sooner I can start the fun maintenance mode!

What I consumed yesterday:
● 2 coffee w/ 3 tbsp whiskey & 2 tsp fiber
● 3.66 oz Napoleon smoked mussels w/ 2 Saltine crackers
● 12 oz Bud Light Lime
● .86 cups Chivas Regal
● Small slice garlic bread w/ grated parmesan & a turkey meatball
● 2 pieces no meat lasagna w/ a turkey meatball
● Small portion of spaghetti w/ sauce, grated parmesan, & 1.25 turkey meatballs
● Smore

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