Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whisky Pairing -- 186 lbs (-43)

[big, healthy poo last night]

I was surprised when Grant's, which I previously characterized as being mildly uninteresting, tasted rich and complex when following Monarch of the Glen 12 yr--the latter tasting slightly over-bearing to me. It is fascinating that Grant's made Teacher's taste peatier, and Monarch made Grant's taste richer. I suspect this is part of what makes blending such an art, but I can't help wondering if something is lost when you throw them together in the same batch, rather than letting one precede the other. Jerry Dalton, a master distiller, writes of a "second sample syndrome", where he tended to rate second samples lower than the first, which I experienced when Grant's made Cutty Sark taste like turpentine--but I am finding a number of cases where the second sample tastes better.

You can read Dalton's essay here:

What I consumed yesterday:
● 12 oz Budweiser Select
● .41 cup Monarch of the Glen 12yr
● .37 cup Grant's Scotch
● 7 slices potato w/ grated cheddar & bacon slices

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