Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back To More Fun -- 189 lbs (-40) [6X]

As fun as it's been eating whatever I want whenever I feel like it, I can honestly say that The Whisky Diet is more fun. Although I've been loading up on the crap I've been avoiding (ice cream, burgers, subs, donuts, pizza) rather than gourmet food, I am not enjoying it as much as I used to (at least according to my fallible memory). It's still fun, mind you, but it is a meaningless fun--devoid of challenge, learning, and complexity. After a lifetime of thumbing my nose at gourmet food, I can imagine it being a deeper fun, so perhaps I will give that lifestyle a try if I ever have the time and money for it. But for now, I have decided to jump off the wagon next weekend, and make scotch my sole playground, before I gain too much of the weight I lost.

Why scotch? I had already been gravitating towards scotch when I started seriously exploring different whiskies. Whereas I used to hate the smoky, peaty scotches, my taste buds did a 180 on this diet and now I love them. I have this romantic notion that they represent the purest form of earth that can be metabolized by humans. That is probably the purest form of BS, but the elicited emotion, the physiological effects, the fascinating history, and the dieting results are all very real and deeply fun. While I enjoy all types of whiskies, scotch currently feels most worthy of long-term, exploratory focus, inasmuch as I can afford it. Fate sealed the deal when I got hospital-sick on Canadian whisky and Irish whiskey, so those are out for now--though I may dabble in scotch-style blends and single malts from outside Scotland, especially where the opportunity feels right.

So, enough jibber jabber. Here's what's on the menu for December:
● Monarch of the Glen 3yr
● Old Crofter Scotch
● Ballantine's
● Dewar's
● Famous Grouse
● White Horse
● J & B Scotch
● Johnnie Walker Black
● Glenlivet 12 Yr
● Hamilton's Highland Regional Malt
● Hamilton's Speyside Regional Malt
● Hamilton's Lowland Regional Malt
● Hamilton's Islay Regional Malt

What I consumed Saturday -- 189 lbs (-40) [6X]:
● Yea's Wok egg roll
● 4 bites McDonald's pancake w/ syrup
● 6 oz instant buttered rum drink
● Plate of Yea's Wok Chicken Sautéed with Fresh Ginger Sauce
● Frost Doughnuts Pumpkin Walnut Fritter & White Chocolate Raspberry Old Fashioned
● Half Papa John's large, thin pepperoni, sausage, and spicy sausage pizza w/ Tabasco Buffalo Wing sauce
● 16 cheddar cheese cubes
● Slice Papa John's cheese pizza
● Apple slice
● 2 gummi bears
● Coffee w/ 2 tsp fiber

What I consumed Friday -- 188 lbs (-41) [4X]:
● Big slice Marie Callender's apple pie
● 2 mouthfuls Nissin Cup Noodles
● 5 pieces Yea's Wok General Tsao's Chicken
● Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bar
● .67 Starbucks snowman cookie
● Plate of Yea's Wok Sautéed String Beans with Tofu
● Plate of Yea's Wok Chicken Sautéed with Fresh Ginger Sauce
● 10 Rold Gold tiny twist pretzels dipped in Jif chocolate silk peanut butter
● Slice Marie Callender's apple pie
● 13 Ritz crackers w/ 2 slices of swiss & 2 slices of cheddar cheese

What I consumed Thursday -- 189 lbs (-40) [5X]:
● Coffee w/ 2 tsp fiber
● McDonald's sausage, egg, & cheese McGriddle
● 7 bites McDonald's pancake w/ syrup
● Cheese-only lasagna w/ 2 turkey meatballs
● Most of large popcorn at movies
● Yea's Wok egg roll
● Half Yea's Wok Chicken Sautéed with Fresh Ginger Sauce
● 3 pieces Yea's Wok General Tsao's Chicken
● Big slice Marie Callender's apple pie

What I consumed Wedneday -- 187 lbs (-42) [3X]:
● Trader Joe's pumpkin bar
● Starbucks old-fashion chocolate donut
● McDonald's Big Mac meal
● .75 McDonald's CBO grilled chicken sandwich
● Spaghetti w/ sauce, 3 turkey meatballs, grated parmesan, & 2 slices of garlic bread
● 6 Golden Butter crackers
● Coffee w/ 2 tbsp milk & 1 sugar cube

What I consumed Tuesday -- 188 lbs (-41) [3X]:
● Trader Joe's pumpkin bar
● 6 Pepperidge Farm Harvest Wheat & 6 Golden Butter crackers w/ 2 slices of swiss & 1 slice of cheddar cheese
● Banana & 2 apple slices w/ Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dream peanut butter
● Half peanut butter & jelly sandwich
● Orville Redenbacher's Movie Theater Butter popcorn
● Red Robin Tropical Sunburn Tavern Burger
● Red Robin fries & half grilled cheese sandwich dipped in sweet onion & bacon sauce

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