Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Seagram's VO -- 185 lbs (-44) [3X]

I couldn't make it until this weekend's whisky shopping, so I paid about $5 more for a bottle of Seagram's VO, supposedly the largest selling Canadian whisky, at the grocery store (oh, the shame). In my typical unsophisticated fashion, I found the mild vanilla taste quite comfortable. I also thought it would be good in coffee, and confirmed that this morning.

What I consumed yesterday:
● Trader Joes No Iron Multivitamin
● Coffee w/ 2 tsp fiber
● .65 Seagram's VO
● No-meat lasagna w/ 12 oz Archer Farms asparagus stir fry
● 2 small slices garlic bread w/ grated parmesan

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