Friday, November 9, 2012

Exercise Routine -- 186 lbs (-43) [2X]

I've mentioned that I do (and have done most of my life) light exercise--but what does that mean exactly? This is my morning routine:

● 30 minutes of lazy stretching
● 4-8 back bridge push-ups
● 30-50 sit-ups
● 10-20 side leg-lifts (each side)
● 8-12 cross-sit-ups (each side)
● 15-25 side-to-side crunches (not sure of the real name)
● Back stretching
● 3-9 reverse sit-ups
● 5-8 reverse leg-lifts (each side)
● Various arm & shoulder exercises (alternating days)
● Neck & shoulder stretching
● 80-120 jumping jacks

The whole routine takes about 90 minutes. I've added back & shoulder stuff through the years, because I've had painful injuries in these areas just from getting old. I also try to take several walks a day, adding up to 1-3 miles.

I realize some folks wouldn't consider this light, but almost none of my routine involves exertion or breaks a sweat. It's the same routine I had at 229 lbs, and I probably burn less calories now being 40+ pounds lighter.

What I consumed yesterday:
● Trader Joes No Iron Multivitamin
● Coffee w/ 2 tsp fiber
● 12 oz Bud Light Lime
● .82 cups Canadian Club Reserve 9 Yr
● 12 oz Archer Farms Mediterranean blend vegies w/ grated cheddar & 6 slices bacon
● 8 Snyder's peanut butter pretzel sandwiches

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