Saturday, September 29, 2012

198 lbs (-31) [4X]

Well, that was an unusually consistent week--no diet drama. Almost boring in its steady control, were it not for my Ironman weight scale. Every day, my Ironman has been telling me that my metabolic age is 50--depressing given that I'm not quite 50 yet. Today, even though my weight didn't change, it informed me that my metabolic age is now 48. Success! I'm getting younger!!

What I consumed yesterday:
● McDonald's pancake w/ sausage
● 16 oz Bud Light
● .32 cup Evan Williams whiskey
● 1.6 cups Columbia Crest Amitage red wine
● 2 slices Papa John's cheese pizza w/ 4 ham slices
● .5 coffee w/ 3 tbsp whiskey

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