Saturday, September 15, 2012

202 lbs (-27) [4X]

Not sure if it was a bug or some bad food, but something cleared my digestive system with a vengeance yesterday morning. And I took that as permission to pig out in the evening.

What I consumed yesterday:
● The Egg & Us black bean egg white omelet w/ half piece toast, 6 melon chunks
● 1.25 oz Cheez-Its
● .32 cup Evan Williams whiskey
● Starbucks Americano w/ 1 tbsp whiskey
● Bottle of Columbia Crest Amitage red wine
● McDonalds Caesar salad w/ grilled chicken & half pack dressing (no croutons or tomatoes)
● 14 McDonalds fries
● 4 slices MOD maddy pizza w/ 2 slices Kraft pepper jack & cream cheese
● Can of SpaghettiOs w/ meatballs

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