Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whiskey Day -- 200 lbs (-29)

Well, I did it--consumed only whiskey (aka whisky) yesterday. Christian Bates would be proud. I was very apprehensive about feeling sick, lack of protein, and/or not falling asleep without solids in my stomach. But I was completely surprised by how well I felt, how clearly I thought I thought, and how disgusting Snake River Stampede tastes (to me). I thought this would be a one-time stunt, yet now I am looking forward to some statistically insignificant experimentation (in other words, not too soon, and not too frequently).

What I consumed yesterday:
● 50 ml The Glenlivet
● 50 ml Chivas Regal
● 50 ml Maker's Mark
● 50 ml Snake River Stampede
● 50 ml Jameson
● 50 ml Dewar's White Label

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