Sunday, October 7, 2012

196 lbs (-33) [2X]

Boo. Hiss. Chocolate. French fries. Candy corn. Potato chips. Should have been a bloody massacre, diet-wise, but instead I lost weight--how can that be?!? I have one hypothesis that is just plain crazy--barley whisky (as opposed to corn whiskey) actually burns calories. More on that later.

What I consumed yesterday:
● 7 oz V-Fusion Light Pomegranate & Blueberry juice
● Chunk of Yorkie chocolate bar
● Chocolate coin
● 8 McDonald's french fries
● 4 Branch's assorted candy corns
● .24 Monarch of the Glen 8yr scotch whisky
● .22 Evan Williams bourbon whiskey
● 1.6 cups Wine Cube malbec (hmm, tastes pretty much like the cab)
● Full order Jade Dragon assorted vegetables & chicken (no rice)
● 36 cheddar & sour cream Ruffles (only broken ones, though)
● Apple slice w/ chocolate Magic Shell
● Fortune cookie w/ chocolate Magic Shell

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