Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Distilled Earth -- 192 lbs (-37) [4X]

I've found that Grant's makes an excellent whisky for base comparisons. I discovered that a couple days ago when dipping into the Teachers Highland. Compared to Grant's lack of character (or my inability to detect it), Teachers tasted complex, deep, semi-sweet and earthy. Yesterday, when I went straight to the Teachers, I did not have as dramatic an experience. This morning, I confirmed that a small starter of Grant's enhanced the flavor of Teachers for me. They make a good couple, and I do believe I shall make it my quest to find more.

What I consumed yesterday:
● 5.5 oz V8 juice
● .65 cup Roederer Estate brut champagne
● .32 cup Teachers Highland
● 1.5 cup Wine Cube pinot noir
● 12 big beef/sausage stuffed ravioli w/ grated parmesan & spaghetti sauce (should have stopped here)
● Small portion of spaghetti w/ 2 small slices garlic bread & 2 turkey meatballs
● 9 Rold Gold tiny twist pretzels

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