Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teacher Me More -- 191 lbs (-38) [4X]

Apparently, Teacher's was the first popular bottled alcohol to use stopper corks ( The inventor, William Manera, was Adam Teacher's nephew. Their ad slogan was "Bury the Corkscrew", which played to the high-risk dangers of using cork screws. This rings true even in these modern times, as portrayed in this video:

Oddly enough, someone has written a book about the history of corkscrews:

What I consumed yesterday:
● Coffee w/ 2 tsp fiber
● 24 oz Bud Light & Clamato
● .32 cup Teachers Highland
● 1 cup Wine Cube pinot noir
● Small flour tortilla w/ Red Robin-seasoned ground beef & grated cheddar
● Red Robin-seasoned ground beef w/ lettuce, grated cheddar, and salsa
● .5 cup Absinthe Ordinaire

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