Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3-Month Anniversary -- 193 lbs (-36) [2X]

Three months down, nine to go! I see myself hitting my goal around the end of November (if Halloween & Thanksgiving don't throw me off), then shifting into more of a maintenance mode. Not sure exactly what that will look like yet, but I expect it to be something like a day of feasting followed by a few days of whisky dieting. So-o looking forward to that!

What I consumed yesterday:
● 5.5 oz V8 juice
● 2 mini Mr. Goodbar's
● .33 cup Lauder's scotch whisky
● 1.25 cup Wine Cube cabernet/shiraz
● Himitsu Teriyaki vegi stir fry w/ chicken
● 15 Goldfish crackers
● 15 Rold Gold tiny twist pretzels

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