Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tastes Like Gasoline -- 191 lbs (-38) [5X]

It's obvious that I love whisky and whiskey, but it is perhaps less obvious that I have slowly developed that love over the last 10 years, most of that in the last 5, and it has only become an obsession since I started this diet. Most of my life, whisky/whiskey tasted like gasoline, and if I drank it, it was heavily on the rocks or mixed, and to get drunk. I had the great fortune to join a rock band about 6 years ago, and for about 2 years was immersed in a bourbon and scotch culture. In this context, whisky/whiskey was more of a fuel for energy-demanding performance as well as a creativity stimulus. I started to appreciate, to a limited extent, the differences between different brands, and genuinely liked some of them (especially Evan Williams and Bushmills). After the band split up, I settled into Evan Williams because it was the best long-term value, and I kept mostly to it until a few months ago. This diet has unexpectedly led me to expand beyond my base of Evan Williams to keep things interesting, and I have found whisky/whiskey to be a wonderfully complex yet subtle world capable of sustaining a lifetime of exploration. I've come a long way since "tastes like gasoline". Thanks, Trick Mode, for breaking me in.

What I consumed yesterday:
● Coffee w/ .24 cup whiskey
● 2 12 oz Bud Light Lime
● .32 cup Teachers Highland
● 1.5 cup Wine Cube pinot noir
● Bowl of lettuce w/ Newman's Own lite Italian dressing
● 2 slices Boboli pizza w/ lots of Red Robin-seasoned ground beef
● .32 cup Canadian Club Reserve 10 Yr
● 12 Rold Gold tiny twist pretzels

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