Monday, October 15, 2012

As Prong Was -- 195 lbs (-34) [4X]

I try to write down anything with calories that I consume on a sticky note, because, well, my memory stinks. Unfortunately, so does my handwriting. Case in point, I wrote down something that is completely illegible and I had no idea what it was when I woke up today. I later remembered 2 other things I ate:

● 3 baby carrots dipped in Jif chocolate silk peanut butter
● A lot of asparagus

My powers of deduction lead me to believe that "As prong was" translates to "asparagus".

What I consumed yesterday:
● 2 pretzel M&M's
● 1 cup Evan Williams whiskey
● 5.5 oz V-Fusion Light Pomegranate & Blueberry juice
● 4 small bites cookie
● .5 cup Lauders scotch whisky
● 1.5 cup Wine Cube cabernet/shiraz
● 10.5 oz Market Pantry healthy cream of mushroom soup (straight out of the can)
● 3 slices bacon
● 3-egg omelet w/ cheddar cheese & bacon
● As prong was
● 30 Goldfish crackers
● Bite of Fosters Farm corn dog

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