Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RIP 49 lbs -- 195 lbs (-34) [2X]

I changed my blog title & domain to "Whisky Diet" yesterday, accompanied by the frustration of broken redirects, feeds, etc. I went with "49 lbs" initially because I had no set plan other than to lose 49 pounds in an unconventional manner. I knew alcohol would play a part, but I did not anticipate that I would become so enamored with whisky, and begin to learn and appreciate some of the many differences between whisky and whiskey (more on that later), and the rich part whisky/whiskey has/have played in history (more on *that* later). I love beer, wine, and other liquors, too, and briefly renamed this blog to "The Drinking Man's Diet", but it turns out that was a sexist fad from the 60's (more on *THAT* later). I believe I have already demonstrated in less than 3 months that whisky/whiskey is/are that backbone of my diet, and that I have lost enough weight to call this diet highly successful. I can also claim that this diet has become almost effortless at this point. So, I invite you to join me for the rest of this blog as I explore various ologies of these amazing distilled grains, along with the usual mundane dieting and aging dramas of my everyday life.

What I consumed yesterday:
● Trader Joes No Iron Multivitamin
● .64 cup Evan Williams whiskey (no gnats)
● 1.4 cup Wine Cube malbec
● 2 cups salad w/ whatever dressing they use in teriyaki restaurants
● Large portion Himitsu Teriyaki chicken/pork/beef w/ small portion rice

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