Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Leftovers -- 190 lbs (-39) [5X]

I planned to finish off just the Teacher's last night, as it looked to have at least a third cup left; so I was surprised when it only filled two-thirds of a third cup. At the end of the night, I thought I'd have what looked like two-thirds of a third cup of remaining Cutty Sark, but it easily filled a third cup with possibly as much left over (I dare not guess again). The bottles are different colors/shapes and maybe Teacher's has a slightly thicker bottom, but at the end of the day I have absolutely no skill at estimated the volume of a bottle. I decided to pass on the Cutty Sark until breakfast.

What I consumed yesterday:
● 2 coffee w/ 2.5 tbsp & 2 tsp fiber
● 4.5 oz pouch StarKist Tuna Creations (Lemon Pepper)
● .22 cup Teachers Highland
● .55 cup Monarch of the Glen 12yr
● 12 oz Archer Farms frozen veggies w/ grated mozzarella & cheddar
● Big slice garlic bread w/ grated mozzarella
● .75 cup Wine Cube pinot noir
● 10.5 oz Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup

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