Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Drinking Man's Diet -- 193 lbs (-36) [3X]

At one point, I was going to rename this blog to “The Drinking Man's Diet”, but then I stumbled upon a book with the same title. Apparently, "The Drinking Man's Diet" was a diet fad in the mid-sixties (claiming to be the first low-carb diet, but really the Banting diet was). It was a scrawny little book that sold well over 2 million copies in 13 languages in 3 years until a Harvard nutritionist called the diet “mass murder” in the press. Although the diet is highly criticized, the fellow who wrote the book, Robert Cameron, lived it for 98 years—outliving Robert Atkins, who practiced the no-alcohol version, by over 25 years (he died of a heart attack at 73)!

So you see, those of you who think I’m killing myself should think again. Combining the weight loss effects of a low-carb diet with the reduction in heart disease associated with alcohol consumption makes some sense. It worked for Robert Cameron, anyway.

What I consumed yesterday:
● 48 oz Bud Light
● 10 tortilla chips w/ bean dip & salsa
● 12 oz Budweiser Select
● .5 cup Lauder's scotch whisky
● .65 cup Wine Cube cabernet/shiraz
● Bowl of lettuce w/ Newman's Own lite Italian dressing
● 4 slices Boboli pizza w/ taco-seasoned ground beef

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