Thursday, August 30, 2012

206 lbs (-23)

So we are enjoying the "bennies" of liquor privatization in Washington state as of June--liquor prices have generally gone up thanks to extra taxes. To counter this, I've started shopping at a liquor superstore with lower prices, but it is inconvenient to get to. Meanwhile, a nice Asian couple re-opened the formerly state-owned liquor store a few blocks from my house, and I would never have considered paying those prices, but this local store has just started selling growlers of my favorite microbrews, the devils, and I've been drawn inside like a moth to a flame. Pure genius.

What I consumed yesterday:
● McDonald's chipotle bbq chicken snack wrap
● 10 McDonald's french fries (no dressing)
● 5.5 oz V8 juice
● 40 oz Mac & Jack's ale
● Papa John's Papa's Garden Salad w/ fat-free Italian dressing & added chicken (no tomatoes or croutons)
● 2 slices Tillamook pepper jack cheese & bacon
● Coffee w/ 4 tbsp whiskey
● 12 oz Budweiser Select
● 14.5 oz Del Monte Green Beans

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