Sunday, August 5, 2012

215 lbs (-14)

Super hot day yesterday--I managed to burn another pound just pouring sweat. Supposed to be even hotter today ...

What I consumed yesterday:
● Black coffee w/ 3 tbsp whiskey
2.5 oz Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Chile Chicken w/ 3 tbsp whiskey, & no noodles
● Starbucks grande sugar-free vanilla latte
● 3 bites hot dog w/o bun
● 3 12 oz Budweiser Select w/ 2 tbsp whiskey
● 2 Jade Dragon tofu salad rolls w/ peanut dipping sauce
● 1.5 cups Red Theory red wine
● 6 pieces Jade Dragon General Tso pork
● .25 cup Old Overholt rye

1 comment:

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