Saturday, August 4, 2012

Not Sleeping Less -- 216 lbs (-13) [2X]

I really hoped I'd be sleeping less on this diet, but while I am less groggy / more alert, my sleep pattern hasn't really changed. In the past, I've found that I only sleep less when I'm deeply engaged in a personal project, and eating less doesn't appear to affect that one way or the other. If anything, I'm not in any hurry to wake up and feel hungry. On the bright side, I think am being more productive when I am awake—spending less time in the bathroom for sure.

What I consumed yesterday:
● 5.5 oz V8 juice
● 25 oz Bud Light
● 5 tortilla chips w/ bean dip & salsa
● 1.75 cups Red Theory red wine
● Taco Bell Steak Cantina bowl w/o rice
● Half KFC original chicken breast
● Bite of KFC chicken strip & potato wedge

1 comment:

  1. Yay on being more productive! Sorry you haven't met your sleeping goal. Red Theory is a good name for a wine.